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LogiMap - A logistics network mapping and modelling toolset

LogiMap logistics modelling tool


LogiMap is a logistics network mapping and modelling toolset.

It provides a powerful set of capabilities for analysing networks of demand, transhipment, inventory storage and supply locations and the transportation links between them.

LogiMap is a highly fluid and configurable toolset that is tailored to the organisation thus delivering ease of use and a short learning curve.

LogiMap utilises leading Microsoft mapping, database and web technologies to deliver highly configurable network modelling tools for supply chain analysts and managers. LogiMap can be installed on your own IT infrastructure or we can web host the application for you thus avoiding additional loading on internal IT resources.

Download the LogiMap brochure (pdf)

Network Planner

  • Network capacities
  • Environmental impacts
  • Projected costs
  • Alternative transhipment and inventory storage locations
  • Multi-modal, national and international transport links
Forecast logistics activity levels using:
  • Operational data
  • Planning data
  • An innovative event based planning tool

Warehouse Planner

Model transhipment points and distribution centres:
  • Configurations
  • Capacities
  • Footprints
  • Stocking centre vs. transhipment

Transport Planner

  • Transportation requirements
  • Capacities
  • Environmental impact and costs

LogiMap Cube

The Control Tower view

Flexible reporting and query management facilities are provided to generate customer, financial, geographical and executive views of the logistics network.

Inventory Planner

Compare alternative inventory
deployment strategies for:
  • Customer service
  • Inventory levels
  • Working capital costs