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LogiMap is our leading logistics network modelling toolset. LogiMap is highly configurable from the comprehensive feature set below. By configuring only the features that you need LogiMap is very easy to learn and use.

LogiMap Functionality

Logistics Network Planner

Network Computation

  • Automated capacity balancing
  • Production capacity / service / storage trade offs
  • Total network costs

Network Data Maintenance

  • Logistics territories
  • Multi-modal terminals
  • Import routes and costs
  • Primary transport routes
  • What-if parameters

Scenario Management

  • Create new scenario
  • Copy scenario
  • Amend scenario
  • Delete scenario

Warehouse Planner

Warehouse Computation

  • Distribution centre / transhipment capacity calculation
  • Time based simulation of distribution centre processing

Warehouse Data Maintenance

  • Distribution / transhipment centre details and costs
  • Distribution / transhipment centre type details
  • Storage types
  • Engineered standards
  • Activity times, resources and costs

Transport Planner

Transport Computation

  • Primary transport vehicle type and load requirements
  • Secondary transport vehicle type and load requirements
  • Time based simulation of vehicle movements

Transport Data Maintenance

  • Transport modes
  • Vehicle types
  • Timed vehicle schedules
  • Fuel costs and surcharges

Inventory Planner

Inventory Computation

  • Safety and cycle stock requirements

Inventory Data Maintenance

  • Lead times, review times, MOQ’s, service levels

Inventory Forecasting

  • Bottom up forecasting by product / product group

Planning Data Processing

Planning Data Import

  • Volume forecasts

Forecasting and Event Management

  • Top down operations forecasting
  • Copy history to forecast
  • Maintain and apply events – forecast adjustments

Operational Data Processing

Operational Data Import

  • Customers
  • Delivery points
  • Suppliers
  • Supply points (production and product supply)
  • Supply volumes
  • Detailed shipment header and line history
  • Product details and costs
  • Product groups
  • Pricing and discount structures
  • Inventory positions
  • Transport rate tables


  • Demand volume summarised by postcode area / district / sector / unit
  • Time and distance from nodes calculation

LogiMap Cube

European & Worldwide Mapping Displays

  • Demand volume-density
  • Depot network
  • Depot boundaries
  • Postcode areas
  • Customisable territories
  • Backhaul opportunities
  • Volume by customer by territory
  • Load and drop patterns

Reporting, Graphing and Analysis

Performance Measures

  • Supply chain costs
  • Unit volume
  • Revenue
  • Net contribution
  • Loads
  • Shipments and lines
  • Transport requirements
  • Labour requirements
  • Storage space requirements

Analysed By

  • Territory
  • Customer
  • Product group
  • Distribution / transhipment centre
  • Time period
  • Supply chain function