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Case Studies


LogiMap is our leading logistics network modelling toolset. LogiMap is highly configurable from the comprehensive feature set below. By configuring only the features that you need LogiMap is very easy to learn and use.

The Businesses and Their Challenges

The following sample applications demonstrate the different ways in which our clients have used LogiMap to optimise their logistics networks. In addition there is an in depth case study of the Eden Springs logistics network redesign and depot capacity planning.

Small Parts Distribution

This distributor of small parts could not tell which parts of its business were profitable and in particular, which customers were profitable once logistics costs were fully accounted for.

We used LogiMap to model full activity based costs through the products' life cycle with the company. These included order processing, warehouse handling, storage and transportation costs, allowing for the differences in the cost of handling different products at each stage of the process.

The mapping displays produced by LogiMap proved very helpful in understanding how customer profitability was related to customer delivery distance and drop density amongst other aspects.


Express Logistics

This leading express logistics company needed to determine the right structure for its high volume line-haul operations. There was also a need to determine the optimum number of depots required to serve its UK customers at minimum cost.

We initially configured LogiMap to model the line haul network on a static basis. We subsequently extended the model to incorporate a full time based simulation to demonstrate vehicle arrival patterns and hub sorting schedules across the network.

Construction Materials

A leading supplier of bulk construction materials needed to determine which of a series of import and UK distribution strategies was the least cost approach.

We configured LogiMap to model alternative mainland Europe and Middle East sources of production and multiple routes and transport modes to bring the product into the UK. In the UK we also compared port-centric and central distribution hub alternatives and calculated the full costs of the alternative scenarios.

Screen shots from logistics projects

Drinks Industry

For this leading drinks wholesaling business we configured LogiMap to forecast operational volumes using our unique event based forecasting approach.

The resulting forecasts were then applied to a detailed hub capacity model which generated full manpower requirements plans for the forthcoming trading periods.

The Results

Each of the companies featured here identified benefits many times the costs of the products and supporting services from Catalyst.

The benefits obtained included:

  • Identified substantial opportunities for earning revenue from back hauling
  • Highlighted low net profitability products and customers that needed to be addressed
  • Identified the least cost configuration of depots to serve the UK network
  • Identified major opportunities to remove costs from the primary transport operation
  • Determined the required schedule for automated national sorting operations
  • Calculated the least cost combination of import routes and distribution strategies across a range of transport modes and port and hub locations
  • Determined optimal manning requirements for the central distribution operation.


This is a small selection of the projects that we have carried out using the LogiMap toolset.