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LogiMap web hostingPC running LogiMap logistics modelling tool


LogiMap has been developed using standard Microsoft .Net technologies including C# and SQL Server.

Second Generation LogiMap is sustainability-enabled and is provided on our hosted web platform utilising Microsoft's ground breaking Virtual Earth mapping service. This has the following additional benefits:

  • No impact on your internal IT resources
  • Accessible from any internet connection
  • Latest map data from online sources
  • Structured for sustainable logistics support
  • Visibility of the results to a wide audience
  • Report generation facilities
  • Data extracts into office tools such as Excel

LogiMap logistics tool diagram with network, transport, storage and inventory planners Network Planner

Network Planner allows comprehensive network capacities, environmental impacts and projected costs of operation to be modelled. It utilises business operational and planning data and an innovative event based planning tool to forecast logistics activity levels. Alternative transhipment and inventory storage locations are modelled to connect points of demand and supply together using multi-modal, national and international transport links as required.

Warehouse Planner

Warehouse Planner models the configurations, capacities and footprints of transhipment points and distribution centres.

Transport Planner

Transport Planner is used to determine transportation requirements, capacities, environmental impact and costs for a variety of road, rail, sea and air links between transhipment points, distribution centres and points of supply and demand in the network.

Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner compares alternative strategies for deployment of inventory and the associated trade offs between customer service, inventory levels and working capital costs.

LogiMap Cube

LogiMap Cube provides a ‘Control Tower’ view of the logistics network for Supply Chain owners. Flexible reporting and query management facilities are provided to generate customer, financial, geographical and executive views of the logistics network.